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Opendaylight integration with PNDA

Error Document for What [WH1] ?

A. Problem Statement[WH2]

This document shows the error that I am facing problem during the project.

The project is Integrate Opendaylight with PNDA. The detail is mention in the “Project Hibiscus” folder.

1. Facing error when creating odl broker:

2. Facing Error when installing dlux in ODL:

3. Due to this dilux error unable to create ODL broker:

This is the zookeeper service running. This snap shot shows that when consumer connect with zookeeper it shows this error.

This snap shot is for consumer service running on red-pnda instance. , it shows error when connecting with zookeeper;

feature:install odl-dlux-all odl-restconf-all odl-l2switch-switch



[WH1]When was this created ? whats the date ?

What exactly is the problem

[WH2]Who is the author of this document ? For whom this document will be delivered and for what ?




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